Three favorite omakase experiences in dubai

Three favorite omakase experiences in dubai

“Omakase” is a Japanese term that translates to “I’ll leave it up to you” or “chef’s choice.” In the context of dining, an omakase experience typically refers to a meal where the chef selects and serves a series of dishes to the guests. This style of dining is commonly found in Japanese cuisine, particularly when it comes to sushi. The chef decides the menu based on the freshest and best-quality ingredients available that day. This allows for a unique and personalized dining experience and ensures that diners enjoy the freshest flavors and the menu can vary depending on the time of the year. The number of courses can differ, but the progression typically includes a variety of small dishes, each highlighting different flavors and textures.

So if you are on the hunt for an authentic and exclusive dining experience, these are my top three recommendations!



TakaHisa Japanese Restaurant, located in the Banyan Tree on Bluewaters Island, takes diners on a remarkable gastronomic journey led by Chef Taka and Chef Hisa. This high end culinary establishment boasts an impressive menu featuring premium wagyu and sushi, using the finest ingredients imported directly from Japan. You can choose from a trio of Omakase menus. Guests can opt for either the sushi omakase (from Dhs1,800 per person), the Wagyu omakase (from Dhs1,800 per person) or a combination omakase (Dhs2,500), which offers a mix of both. They are one of the priciest omakase offerings in the city, but the authenticity, attention to detail and outstanding expertise make this an Omakase experience one you don’t want to miss out on!

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One of Dubai’s favourite homegrown restaurateurs, Reif Othman, relocated his Chef’s Table Omakase experience from Dar Al Wasl to Dubai Hills Business Park early last year. What used to be a four seater dining experience now accommodates up to 12 diners in an intimate setting. The menu changes monthly and guests are treated to dishes that aren’t on Reif’s à la carte menu, with eight courses priced at AED 888, and 12 courses at AED 1,212. Chef Reif’s personality shines through it all – from the Astro Boy skateboards to the Pac Man arcade machine. The bespoke menu features stand out ingredients (imported fresh from Japan) that are packed with flavor and leave your tastebuds in awe! You are treated to a delightful journey into the chef’s culinary world, offering guests a unique and memorable dining adventure.

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Tucked away inside Koa Canvas, Iki provides diners an exclusive dining experience. A Japanese omakase concept, Iki is located in LOWE’s private dining room and seats upto eight people per seating. The Kyo menu starts from AED 1,000 and includes three appetisers, 10 pieces of sushi, miso soup, maki rolls and an omelette. The Miyako menu starts from AED 1,500 and includes five appetisers, 11 pieces of sushi, miso soup, maki rolls and an omelette. The sushi element is incredible. Definitely some of the best this city has got to offer. Chef Koji Sagawa is behind the menu. He has a career spanning almost 40 years and has worked in Dubai and Japan.  Another authentic, intimate and exclusive experience here at Iki!

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Note: All of the above mentioned restaurants serve alcohol. 

Reservations are a must.

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