I was first introduced to the world of Gaggan Anand back in 2016 when I had the opportunity to dine at his then flagship restaurant in Bangkok to celebrate a milestone in my life – my engagement. A year later, I was back at Gaggan’s, this time with my husband. This dinner inside a charming and beautifully appointed Thai mansion quickly became one of my best dining experiences. Ever!

Fast forward a few years when all the stars aligned and I received an invite to a press trip organized by Gaggan’s incredible team! You can only imagine the excitement and enthusiasm with which I packed my bags and was ready to go! The new Chef’s Table experience is now in a two storey building in a new location and shares its space with Gaggan’s Indian-Mex eatery aptly named – Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh.

Be prepared for an immersive, interactive and intimate dining experience at this exclusive 14-seater restaurant!



Award winning chef Gaggan Anand is a master storyteller. Or as he describes himself, a conductor leading his team of ‘rebels’ through a symphonic culinary orchestra. A dinner that lasts about 2.5 hours, Gaggan keeps you engaged, entertained and always guessing as you watch the process unfold in their open kitchen. To quote the chef – “The only way to ignite this is to start with 
some explosions and end with some fireworks.”

The 22 course menu is rich with Indian flavors and spices and is an ode to its rich culture and tradition. It is molecular gastronomy at its finest. Two and a half hours later, Gaggan has us licking our plates clean and in complete awe of what we had just experienced! Ranked #17 on The World’s 50 Best and #3 on Asia’s 50 Best, a visit to Gaggan Anand’s is a no-brainer for every food enthusiast!

For more information visit – https://gaggan.com/



We also had the opportunity to dine at a few other outstanding establishments.




Restaurant Potong – No. 17 on Asia’s 50 Best and with one Michelin Star under its belt is led by Chef Pam –  the recently crowned Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2024 from the World’s 50 Best.  She has transformed her generations-old five storey building, that way back in 1910, housed her family’s Chinese herbal business into one of the most beautiful and majestic fine dining restaurants in the city.

Serving a 20 course tasting menu of innovative Thai-Chinese cuisine, the food at Potong focuses on five core elements: salt, acid, spice, texture and Maillard – a chemical reaction of reducing sugars that brings out a distinctive flavor! The tasting menu takes diners through Chef Pam’s culinary memories and emotions. This extraordinary five-sensory experience is what makes Potong truly magical.


For more information visit – Restaurant Potong


Le Du

Bangkok’s Le Du is a progressive Thai restaurant with Chef Tonn Thitid Tassanakajohn at the helm.  Le Du actually comes from the Thai word “ฤดู”, a synonym for the word “season”. As the name suggests, the menu is created around the best local seasonal produce which means there is a frequently different dining experience.

The menu is based on the chef’s personal interpretations of the recipes he grew up with and created exclusively with Thai ingredients. Voted No. 12 on Asias 50 Best and No. 15 on the Worlds 50 Best, Le Du’s unique style and creative dishes has vowed plenty of diners and critics from across the continent and around the world.


For more information visit – Le Du



At Sühring, a restored garden home in Sathorn in Bangkok, twin chefs Thomas & Mathias Sühring have created a modern German tasting menu inspired by family recipes, childhood memories and travel experiences. Yes! You read right … a confluence of German and Thai. The chef duo embraces local and seasonal products, combining the essence of traditional dishes with a contemporary Central European influence.

From the first to the last bite, every single course was incredibly delicious, showcased great technique and was flawlessly presented. The gorgeous and elegant setting only adds to the entire experience. No. 7 on Asias 50 Best and with 2 Michelin Stars, they are deserving of all the accolades. Make that reservation. You are in for a fabulous treat!

For more information visit – Sühring


Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh

Gaggan Anand’s more informal Indian-Mexican eatery sits right above his exclusive chef’s table. The restaurant is a reflection of a fictional love affair between a Mexican home town girl and an Indian city boy. The menu represents home style Mexican and Indian cooking, a perfect blend of flavors and traditions. The space is vibrant, colorful and exudes plenty of charm.

We had the incredible opportunity to also be part of an amazing collaboration between Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh and Bar Brutal (from Barcelona, Spain). The menu that night showcased a twist on classic, home-style dishes inspired by the foods of Mexico and India, paired with all natural wines from Bar Brutal. The energy and vibe was off the charts. The evening ended with us all crooning away to Bohemian Rhapsody. SO much fun!

For more information visit – Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh


Note: This was an all expense paid press trip.

Recommended – Make your reservations well in advance.

Tip – For a seat at Gaggan Anand’s chef’s table, follow his instagram account – he often mentions when there is a last minute spot that’s opened up!

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