Lake Qudra

Lake Qudra

Whew!  The weather in Dubai is finally cooling down – it had seemed almost impossible even just a few weeks ago. The great outdoors beckons!  It never ceases to amaze me how Dubai has all these beautiful and lush green spaces and water bodies.


I don’t know whether it was a well-kept secret or I was just hibernating!  But Lake Qudra – what an absolutely lovely place.


This man-made oasis (of course), is spread over 10 hectares and located in the middle of the Saih al Salam Desert Reserve (how quaintly paradoxical) en route to Bab-Al-Shams. Perfect location for a day trip!


I am a bit…well maybe more than a bit…terrified of birds but if you are one of those bird lovers and watchers, grab your binoculars and go!  Lake Qudra is home to over a hundred species of birds including many migratory ones. I had to muster up all the courage in me to take this photograph!! Do not laugh. #seriousproblems #truestory


A bit of a drive from the city but hey, well worth it. Perfect place to de-tox, de-stress, de-whatever….


And if you are anything like me, a cup of coffee and a good book is all it takes to make this the perfect afternoon!


Highly recommend staying back to watch the sunset, but there aren’t enough road signs or lights…. So do drive carefully.




Location: Lake Qudra, Saih Al Salam Desert, Dubai


Disclaimer: All photos and opinions are my own. 

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