It’s al fresco time in Dubai these days…. Well, most days.  Ideal to sip a coffee outdoors and if it’s by the beach, it’s a win-win.


While wandering along Kite Beach, I came across this adorable café.  An idyllic spot for some unwinding…. Do I need an excuse to stop for a coffee?


Warm sunshine, a gentle breeze and the sights and smells of the beach made a perfect setting.


Am kind of on a diet (…ish), so I only had the coffee but I have heard a lot about their Stroopwaffles …ah well, next time.


Need I say more about these cups!!


The interiors are inviting.  Painted in cool shades of blue, the café – filled with lots of sunlight – has big wooden tables and pots of flowers everywhere.  Enough to make you want to rest a while with a book and coffee.


Is there anything quite as soothing as a walk on the beach and a cup of good coffee? I don’t think so!

Cafe: Dutchies

Location: Kite Beach

Timings: 10am to 10pm

Disclaimer: All opinions and photos are my own

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